Callout for Bristol Vodafone Picket

2 11 2010

Last Saturday a group of activists shut down the central bristol vodafone store in protest at their tax dodging ways, this was one of over 20 stores successfully targeted around the country.

This is a great way to spread the belief that these cuts are truly unnecessary, and that we are definitely not ‘in this together’ since whilst we pay with our services and our tax bills the richest in society pay nothing.

Although there has been some debate about the accuracy of the initial reporting (see for example), it appears pretty conclusive that they (like most of their corporate peers) have been tax dodging to quite a large extent. They owe us at the very least around £1billiion, and the Indian government are chasing them for around £2.5billion in unpaid tax there!

Meet up either at castle park at 1pm, or outside the vodafone store in central broadmead at 1.30pm. If there are enough of us we can consider picketing Vodafone’s other Bristol stores.

There will be a few placards, and some anti-vodafone/anti-cuts leaflets, Bristol AFed are in debt and crafty photocopies at work only get us so far. We encourage others to bring their own but request this is kept as a ‘non sectarian’ protest, i.e. you don’t use it to promote your specific group (just the general anti-cuts movement).

Lets show the capitalists that they can’t get away with it!

Download the flyer here – Vodafone leaflet



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19 02 2012
SWP – The Enemy is Capitalism not Anarchism « Bristol Anarchist Federation

[…] As the anti cuts movement began to build early signs of this came from the UK UNCUT movement. In Bristol, although the initial protests were organised by Bristol Anarchist Federation members we made a conscious choice, at least at first, to keep the “A” word our of sight. There were a number of reasons for this, and just as many criticisms of it, but essentially we wanted to push a united anti-cuts message without sectarian politics clouding the end goal – To stop the cuts. On the whole other groups respected and reciprocated this approach, although not always (see here under Bristol). Unfortunately our e-mail request for the SWP to edit this article claiming they had fronted the UK UNCUT action in Bristol when it was actually Students and AFed was ignored. Original write up on demo here. […]

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