Action Roundup 1st-7th November

7 11 2010

This is our first very patchy round up of Anti-cuts action around the UK and further afield over the past week. Found something worth shouting about? E-mail us to let us know.

2/11/10 – Workers across the UK, have posed as skeletons to warn of cuts to public services such as libraries, schools and hospitals under the Government’s decision to slash spending.

3/11/10 – Upwards of 25,000 students from across Ireland descended onto the streets of Dublin on Wednesday for a protest called by the USI (Union of Students in Ireland). Up to 2,000 students broke away from the march, many calling It ‘futile’, and participated in the occupation of the Department of Finance and the sit-down protest staged outside. There were also clashes with riot police.

3/11/10 – Goldsmiths Students carried out 24 hour sit-in at Deptford Town Hall raise awareness of education cuts and the rise in student fees.

4/11/10 – Activists occupied the Royal Bank of Scotland on Gordon St, Glasgow for a little over an hour in protest at the austerity measures.

5/11/10 – ARU & Cambridge University student unions organised a local march against fees & cuts, in preparation for the National NUS march on November 10th.

5/11/10 – BBC journos strike against pension scheme reforms.$21385453.htm

6/11/10 – An estimated 250 protestors took to the streets of Taunton this morning to oppose the huge cuts planned by Somerset County Council.

6/11/10 – Portuguese government employees protest salary cuts.

6/11/10 – Activists in cities across the country targeted Vodafone stores with pickets and occupations once again to highlight continued tax evasion by corporations and the rich while the poor get screwed over by the cuts. There were three arrests reported and the Cambridge action.

7/11/10 – Tens of thousands of union members, social activists and students gathered in central Seoul on Sunday to protest the Group of 20 economic summit meeting that begins on Thursday.

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