Action Update – 29th Nov to 5th Dec

7 12 2010

This is only a fraction of what happened last week. Been busy doing other things but take a look anyway. Sorry for missing out last week too, the person responsible has been handed over to the authorities.

Monday 29th November – Lewisham – Protestors clash with Police as they storm the town hall – More Info

Wednesday 1st – National – In London thousands of students and austerity cuts protestors took to the streets on DayX2 in another national day of action with many cities across the UK also having demos – More Info

Friday 3rd – Bristol – A group of 200-300 demonstrators, mainly higher education students attended a demonstration that went from the University of Bristol to the council house on College Green, where Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams was holding a surgery. They quizzed him on his plans for the upcoming vote on tuition fees after he went back on his pledge to vote against tuition fees. More info

Friday 3rd – Athens – 1000-2000 students march on the British embassy in solidarity for the struggle of British students. A few clashes with police, tear gas was fired and 5 arrests were made but all were latter released. there were very few injured. More rallies are planed for the next week.

Friday 3rd- Spain – Spain’s air space is clear of ex-pats migrating south for Christmas for the first time since Britons first heard of Menorca. Spanish air traffic controllers went on strike in protest over working conditions and plans to privatize some of Spanish airports. the strike was called unauthorized by the Spanish government who very quickly called in the army to deal with the situation. Juan Ignacio Lema, president of the air traffic authority, Aena, claimed that the air traffic controllers were ‘blackmailing the Spanish people’ even though other Spanish industry workers are planing solidarity strikes.

Saturday 4th – London – Libdems call off their conference on feat of protests – More info

Saturday 4th – Nottingham – Student March and Tax-dodger pickets merged and took to the streets of the city – More info

Saturday 4th December – In a national day of action called by Ukuncut against tax dodging corporations Topshops flagship store in Oxford Street, London was closed
along with Vodafone, Boots and Topshops stores closed in – Nottingham, Birmingham, Brighton, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Oxford, Newcastle and Haringey – with protests occurring in an additional 13 locations – Southampton, Stroud, Portsmouth, Lewisham, Reading, Wood Green, York, Liecester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge and Edinburgh.
For more info


Sat 4th – Sheffield – Students from University occupation and supporters anti-cuts march – More info

Sat 4th – Students from Brunel University protested at Vince cables surgery to protest against his proposal to raise tuition fees.

Sunday 5th – Bristol – A Few hundred students and supporters braved the cold for a march through Bristol. The cops has other ideas and prevented the march traveling more than a hundred metres. After a bit of running around the crowd was kettled and walked back to its starting point were it we forced to disperse under section 12. About 15-20 escaped the kettle to close Vodafone and picket other stores, even partaking in some street theater.



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