Action Update 6-12th December

14 12 2010

Well, its a week that saw council chambers and the treasury stormed, gurilla orchestras and 12 year old boys facing up to the cuts, the coalition start to crumble, credit card websites taken down by wikileaks supporters, more new and ongoing university occupations than we care to count and fires burning around parliment.

So heres the round up for the last 7 days in the fight against the cuts, if you’re anything like us its getting hard to keep track!

Monday 6th:
– Art Against Cuts occupy tate britain on the day of the turner prize.
– Bristol university occupied
– Bath and Bath Spa occupied
– UAL occupied
– Bradford Uni occupied

Tuesday 7th:
– Demonstrators in newcastle storm the civic centre, occupy the council chambers, then phone libdem councilers and get them to come in, hear their demands and issue a statement opposing tuition fees. Not bad for a few hours work!
– Anti Terrorism officers pull a 12 year old boy out of class because he was organising a protest against david cameron due to his youth centre being closed!
– A march in Exeter ends with a new occupation

Wednesday 8th:
– In Bristol mourners mark the upcoming death of education with a funeral procession and candle lit vigil.
– Euston station hit by an anti-fees flashmob.

Thursday 9th:
– Message of support to the studends from the fire brigades union, here. Lets hope student/worker solidarity continues to grow
– 3000 Students in Newcastle take to the streets, and later a group block the tyne bridge.
– tens of thousands decend on london and the demo ends in riots after the vote on fees is announced. Our Coverage and Indymedia Reports
-Hundred of students in Glasgow give the police the run around and target vodafone, RBS and an army recruitment office amoungst others.

Friday 10th:
– Don Foster a libdem turn coat who voted for the fees gets a rock thrown through his window.
– Protesters in Leeds give David Cameron a less than warm reception on his visit to their city.
– A Gurilla Orchestra performs in Birmingham in protest at cuts to the arts council, local councils and education.

Saturday 11th:
– Actions against rich corporate tax dodgers take place in 11 citys, with more than 40 planned for next saturday! UK Uncut
Demo calling for Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone to resign

Sunday 12th:
– Anticuts demo in Liverpool:
– Widescale meadia reporting of the damage done to the libdems by the vote. reuters report.



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