Anti Cuts Actions 13th – 19th

21 12 2010

Heres the latest of your (nearly) weekly updates on how the restiance is fighting back against the state bank and business backed attacks on the working class, students, elderly, disabled and just about everyone who isn’t them and their rich mates.

Monday 13th:
The Daily mail wanted to get its readers to vote against the students since the riots, however a backlash against the paper got them the opposite result.

Tuesday 14th:
The Education Activist Network holds a protest at the department of business against the cut of EMA.

In Italy blockades, riots and street protests errupt around the country as Berlusconi narrowly avoids loosing a no confidence vote. (remember, the movement is international!)

wednesday 15th:
National Day of action against welfare and housing benefit cuts!
In Edinburgh,activists invaded the offices of A4E (work for your doll slave labour merchants).

In glasgow brighton, oxford, newcastle, bristol and elsewere campaigners distributed information to claimantsand others and staged attention grabbing protests. Ready for the big fight back against housing benefit and welfare cuts on the on the 24th of january (facebook event)

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) launch their campaign with a protest in london.

Kids lead protest outside county hall nottingham protesting against the closure of gedling school. (Video)

Banner dropped from St Andrews uni libary.

In Greece the EIGTH general strike of the year takes place against the austerity cuts and once again protesters take the fight to the police, government and big business.

Friday 17th:
The PCS union joins with UKuncut and others in a protest outside HMRC against cuts to the department and corporate tax dodging.

Saturday 18th:
More than 50 autonomously organised Ukuncut actions against tax dodging corporations take place around the country. With numerous pickets and occupations closing Vodafone, BHS and top shopstores all across the UK and HSBC occupied with a ‘sleep in’.

Inspired by italian students occupation of the tower of pisa, a banner is dropped from bristol’s iconic suspention bridge reading “join the movement, make the bankers pay”.



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