About Us

As the recession set in and and it became clear that cuts to services, welfare and the public sector in general were “inevitable” groups and alliances began to form around the country. In the south west active groups fighting the cuts include Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance, the Right to Work campaign, and more recently the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and of course the students.

In early October members of the Bristol branch of the Anarchist Federation began to get frustrated with the lack of Anarchists and other radicals involved with the growing Anti-cuts campaign and produced a callout entitled “Anarchists Against The Cuts“. It called on anarchists throughout the UK to begin a campaign of direct action and awareness raising about the governments attacks on the working classes. The callout pushed for the mobilisation of an anarchist contingent at the anti-cuts alliance organised demo in Bristol on October 23rd. Around 50 or so anarchists attended from groups such as Bristol Resistance, SolFed, Class War and other groups and individuals where they marched alongside Bristol IWW and many other trade unions, socialist groups and campaign groups in a march that some estimated put as high as 4000.

In the wake of the first Bristol demo the local Anarchist Federation group started the Anti-cuts action campaign and blog. The idea was to form a network of groups and individuals in the South-West of England who want to organise and take direct action agains the cuts. The Anti-cuts Action campaign is not an Anarchist only clique, the campaign was formed to be non-sectarian and put petty nuanses in politics aside. All actions we call and propaganda we produce at non-sectarian. We activley challenge those on our demos who take the oportunity to sell newspapers of push thier party line as we believe it distracts from the unified anti-cuts message we need to be putting across.

We have no steering committee or formal meetings, no mailing list, swanky logos or membership forms, we have no union funders to keep happy or newspapers to sell.

We are anonymous, we take action, we will fight the cuts by any means necessary. Our aim is to stop the cuts and empower the working classes.

Speak to your neighbours, your family, your colleagues and comrades. Work collectively to fight the cuts and free yourselves from capitalism and the state, carry a new world in your heart.


Anti Cuts Action Bristol

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