This is not a private blog, anyone fighting the cuts can post on to this page. For security obviously we can’t give out the login details of this page but if you have a callout, report or news relating to the cuts please get in contact with us and we will post it up here. Basic level moderation may take place on your posts and we recommend you read our About Us page first.

We are looking to build a network of activist groups in the south-west of England, if you are an individual get in contact with your local group listed below, of you are a group fighting the cuts and want to be listed please get in contact.

Central contact:
Bristol Anarchist Federation:
Bath Activist Network (Bath & Surrounds):
Hereford Solidarity League (Herefordshire):
Taunton Activist Collective:

Groups further afield:
Northern Ireland Anarchists Against Cuts & Fees:

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