Upcoming Actions

It’s been tricky keeping this up to date, and we don’t want to do redundant work.
There are a fair few other places that keep lists of events going on (although some can be ‘selective’ about what they choose to promote). If you check the following and ask around, you’ll be pretty upto date:

Your Local Indymedia Calendar: List of local indymedia collectives
UK Uncut: Fight the corporate tax dodgers!
Anticuts.org: have a pretty exhaustive list

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21 12 2010

How come a page which talks about Bristol and Bath links London as its local Indymedia?!


their aggregated blog feed is how I found you.

22 12 2010
Anti-cuts Action

We wanted the upcoming actions links to be relevent to as many people as possible, initially we linked to london since it had a sligtly easier to sport list of all the local indymedia’s than Bristol. The people/groups that post to this blog are all from the southwest at present.
Thanks for bringing it up again now, since on looking around we found the http://aggromedia.org/vocabulary/2 page and have linked to that instead.

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