The West gets radical

5 04 2011

After all the build up and subsequent attention on the march 26th demo in london, and the national calls for a general strike it’s easy to forget how active and important local organising is.

Here at Anti Cuts Action, we thought we’d give a round up of events across the (south)west as the fight against austerity cuts heats up across the UK (and internationally).

Following the successful ‘Cut Cameron Festival’ early February saw the launch of the Taunton Activist Collective. A busy couple of months have seen anticut banner drops, regular UKUncut inspired actions, awareness raising and a protest with others at the county council.

The Swindon Against Cuts group has been steadilly growing despite early police harrassment of those handing out leaflets on its stalls. In march they organised the most radical protest there in years.
100 people gathered for an anti cuts rally followed by a spontanious march by 30 or so, who dodged police attempts to contain them and popped up with banners and leaflets infront of Swindons worst tax dodgers.
Banner Drop!

The Bristol and District Anti Cuts Alliance (BADACA) has been growing expontentially, with over a 200 at the last open meeting and many sucessful Local & industry groups springing up including Education workers, Health Workers, and locals in Easton, Fishponds & Bedminster.

February saw people from across the region forming a large march through bristol, and a radical break away group closing nearly every bank and taxdodger in the centre!

The UCU Strikes have seen students reinspired and the UWE activist group is now more active then ever. Additionally after a series of successful UKUncut actions organised by local Anarchists and Students an independant UK Uncut group has formed – getting a whole new group of people involved.

Following on from a lively march (and sneaky post march ukuncut action) at the end of last year, well over a hundred people took the streets to march against the privitisation of the royal mail. Check out this website for more on the campaign to keep the post public.

Forest Of Dean
Angry protests by locals and supporters in the forest of dean have already caused the condems to rethink their plan to sell off the nations forests. They may have seen what the demonstrators wanted to do to the houes of parliment. The plans aren’t quite finished yet and the fight for the forests continues.

In March, 1500 took to the streets to protest against both the libdem and tory party conferences, and with active union organising and the South Wales Anarchists reforming thats just going to be the start of this years actions!

Mass student walkouts and protests at the end of last year have been followed by several actions recently including the occupation and closure of Lloyds TSB in protest against cuts and bankers bonuses. Our sources tell us theres something new in the works too so keep an eye on the Hereford Heckler for info!

Bath Anti-Cuts Alliance has been meeting every two weeks, and along with supporting strikers its activities have included insuring nick clegg was chased out of the city, protesting against the council, and organising a march which briefly reclaimed the new ‘southgate centre’, and closed several taxdodgers along its route.

UCU Strike:
The first national strike against the ConDem Government saw picket lines around dozens of south west universities and colleges across two days of action in defence of jobs, pentions and education as a whole. Students, activists, and fellow workers joined the lecturers in several demonstraions around the south west.
With staff up for putting up a fight for their futures and that of all further education expect more action to follow…



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6 04 2011
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[…] For a local round-up of anti-cuts progress from a radical perspective see Anti-Cuts Action article ‘The west gets radical’. Our local anti-cuts alliance campaign is BADACA. So far it is not dominated by any particular left […]

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